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2022 Q2 : Trending keywords

Hello everyone! If you’re familiar with our monthly keyword curation guides, we have an announcement that we would like to update you. Moving forward, we will be posting our keyword curations on a quarterly basis instead of monthly updates.

This means rather than 3 keywords per our usual monthly guide, you will now get all 9 keywords at once from our quarterly post! This gives you an advantage as content preparations and uploads can begin early; hence, increasing your chances of catching download trends.

As an added bonus to our announcement, enjoy these 9 popular topics especially curated for our quarter 2 on the house! *winks

Splendid Sun

(summer, sun, sunshine)

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, we’ll all start seeing media contents filled with vibrant summer colors. Apart from that, the keyword for summer has been gradually increasing since March and ultimately peaks in June. As users start searching for eye-catching summer designs, be sure to have this seasonal content up and ready in your portfolio.

Happiness woman traveler with her bicycle rides on sea coastline


Summer Background

(summer background, summer flat lay, tropical background, summer copyspace)

Seasonal backgrounds offer a unique quality to marketers and social media users alike. This is because it is both extremely versatile and simple to use. For a nice summer-like background, try creating tropical backdrops, nautical designs and beach accessories that would be easily identifiable and attract them to curate your content for their marketing materials!

Summer beach. Starfish family in sunglasses on the seashore.


Beach Background

(beach, seaside, beach background)

Call us out for being old school but how can it be summer without the sun, sea and sand? In fact, the keyword beach is one of the highly searched keywords in 123RF. It goes without saying that beach backgrounds are always a hit during the summer! Beach horizons and aerial views are a popular choice be it a horizon facing the wide ocean water with blue skies or a top view of sea and sand.

Aerial view to tropical sandy beach and blue ocean


Sandy Seaside

(sand, sandy beach, beach sand)

Not every summer related content needs to be filled with bright multiple colors and maximalist designs. There is a time and place for simple textured backgrounds as well, especially when designers want their content to stand out. Examples of minimalistic summer designs can include a top view photo of soft uneven beach sands, foamy waves reaching the shore, close up of grains of sand and much more.

Empty white photo frame and mix sea shells and corals on clean w


Summer Holidays

(summer sale, hello summer, summer holiday, summer drinks)

Marketers and social media managers often use holiday seasons to promote their campaigns or give their webpage a summer makeover. Therefore, expect an influx of search and downloads linked to this topic! Make sure you have related contents ready for it, especially elements and themes for the season’s sale such as refreshing fruits and drinks, tropical leaves, ice creams, sunglasses and so on.

Gin tonic cocktail long drink with dry gin, bitter tonic, orange


Beach Vacation

(beach ball, summer vacation, summer beach)

Reach for the beach when it’s calling is what they say to get an instant dose of summer! This summer vacation destination has the highest record of downloads in the month of July. So get your holiday lens ready and prepare to post up shots of children playing in the sea, people suntanning on lounge chairs, beach balls, beach bags and many more fun activities.

Smiling women relaxing on a beach and drinking from coconuts


Summertime Fun

(summer fun, summer party, beach picnic)

Everybody wants some fun in the sun when it’s summer all day long! Think pool parties, water splashes or people jumping into the water by the pier, endless days in shades, sips of refreshing drinks and even romantic beach walks in the evening. Contents with people having fun spreads pure joy and that is what captures media marketers’ attention. So make sure you have some of these photos up in your portfolios.

Group of beautiful young women strolling on a beach


Family Beach

(seaside family, beach family, summer family)

The summer holidays are also a great time for family gatherings and opportunities to capture authentic family moments. For brands that have family in mind, they will be seeking that magical moment that brings a family together such as an excited family running on a beach, building a sand castle together, splashing around by the waters or even taking beachside photos together.

Family beach fun. A family having fun at the beach.


Water Sports

(swimming, surf, windsurf, jet ski)

More days in the sun is another reason to get up and stay active. With the water to help keep things cool, you can expect to see more people picking up and trying watersports for a change. From the basic swimming and splashes in a pool to surfboarding, windsurfing and jet ski riding on the beach. The surfboard can be a pretty popular item during summer so make sure to include shots of people surfing the waves, posing with a surfboard on a beach or even traveling with surfboards strapped to the top of their car.

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave

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