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2021 – 123RF Content Performance Review!

As 2021 comes to an end, first of all we would like to thank all our contributors for filling 123RF with beautiful and meaningful content despite facing the ongoing pandemic.

Here in our 2021 performance review you can expect to find top contributor achievements, top downloaded keywords of the year and our best selling stock contents.

Top Contributors in 2021

A heartfelt congratulations to all our top achievers this year! We have put together a list of our top performing portfolios (by total downloads or earnings) in year 2021:

Top Downloaded Keywords in 2021

As our collection grows each year, we experience thousands of searches and downloads being performed and materialized on our platform. Here’s our top 20 downloaded keywords for this year:

Bestselling Stock Content : Subscriptions + Credits Photos & Vectors

Here we’ve gathered our bestselling royalty-free stock content for the year 2021. Ready to discover what’s popular, and what sells this year? Click on the images below to check out their respective Likeboxes.

Bestselling Photos

Bestselling Vectors

We hope you enjoyed this little wrap up that we prepared. Although there is no guarantee for a pandemic free year in 2022, we can still keep our heads high and refuse to let this challenge stop us from achieving great things together! In the meantime, keep those contents coming in and we will do our best to support you with our data and research to keep you guys prepared for the months to come.


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