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13 Rules Of Visual Hierarchy To Design A Better Website

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We all know by now the importance of a good visual to convey the intended message. As a web designer, it’s important to ensure your work communicates as efficiently as possible. Instead of blindly following trends, pay attention to every design element such as color, typeface, texture, positioning, white space and…you get the drift.

When you’re building a website, there’s tendency of cluttering it up with too much information so it’s better to establish your focal point and arrange the design and text accordingly. This form of visual hierarchy not only adds a sense of order to your site, it provides your readers with a subtle direction of how they should view and ingest your content.

Before you start going into panic mode, chill. It’s not as complicated as it seems because we have curated a helpful piece of infographic to aid you along in designing the best website, flyer,  or brochure version for your business. Download this or bookmark the page for future reference!

Smart Rules for Using Visual Hierarchy

Image Credit: DubaiMonsters

Hope this is an interesting read to you all! What other design related information would you like to know about? Do give us your suggestions in the comments below!

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