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123RF World Travel Guide: Vanuatu to Zimbabwe

We’ve finally reached the very end of our epic world travel guide series! From Albania’s azure coast to India’s colorful streets and Ecuador’s exclusive Galapagos Island to Zambia’s underrated wildlife, the world’s adventures awaits!

175. Vanuatu

Paradise, is that you?

This Pacific gem is unlike its flashier cousins. So don’t expect fancy yachts, spring break festivals and Hollywood’s finest to come flocking right away. Instead, Vanuatu is perfect for those looking to indulge in intrepid travel. Lonely Planet best summarizes the archipelago’s diverse attractions as it allows you to take a hike and catch a glimpse of red-hot magma, snorkel in a blue hole and grab a drink with the villagers, all in a day.

Mount Yasur is a sight to behold.

Most travelers often begin their trip exploring Port Vila. The tiny, energetic town is set around beautiful lagoons and beaches, with Erakor Island being the pick of the bunch. Additionally, don’t leave without checking out the Mount Yasur, it’s one heck of an experience for our world travel guide!

176. Vietnam

When in doubt, just swing it!

Often left in the shadow of Thailand, this Southeast Asian gem has something in store for every traveler. Can’t get enough of sun, sea and sand? Phu Quoc offers exactly that. This beautiful island is perfect for anyone looking to lay in hammocks all day in any one of its idyllic beaches. For the best experience, rent a speedboat, head out to the An Thoi islands and spend the day snorkeling and feasting on fresh seafood.

Hoi An is where time is at a standstill.

Situated in the central coast, Hoi An is famed for its Old Town and canals. Once a bustling port, this part of the city is now dotted with family-owned, old Chinese wooden shop houses, offering anything from tailoring services to cute little restaurants. For the best experience, pop by at night and take a stroll, with the waters from the calming canals being music to your ears.

177. Zambia

Witness the might of the Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Zambia is full of surprises. While most of us often choose to head to Kruger or Serengeti for wildlife encounters, our world travel guide recommends it’s now time to consider Zambia. Your days here involve canoeing down the river, before an adrenaline pumping trip to the majestic Victoria Falls.

Cute residents of the South Luangwa National Park.

Next, step into the wildlife parks of Zambia. This is where you come to marvel at Africa’s Big Five, only to arrive back in camp and recite tales of the wild with your travel mates. And the best place to experience this is, the South Luangwa National Park.

178. Zimbabwe

Enjoy otherworldly rock formations in the Matobo National Park.

Zimbabwe is home to a whole set of landscapes. From dense mountains and rapid rivers to open grasslands and unusual rock formations, this land has it all for our world travel guide. The Matobo National Park is one of the must-see attractions here. The park features the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, which is accompanied with massive boulders on the top of his tomb.

The iconic Baobab tree in Zimbabwe’s grassland.

Meanwhile, the Pomongwe Caves is a great place to check out rock art that’s more than 6000 years old. Additionally, the Mana Pools National Park perfect for anyone looking to catch Africa’s epic wildlife. So remember to bring along your binoculars!

Our world travel guide has covered all UN member states in an extensive travel series. With 178 countries (some countries were omitted due to safety concerns), you’re guaranteed to never run out of ideas for your next getaway. Additionally, prepare for your adventure with our images that helps capture all of your globetrotting tales!

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