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123RF World Travel Guide: Ukraine to Uzbekistan

We’re almost done with our world travel guide series! In the penultimate part of this epic journey, join us for an architectural delight from Ukraine’s majestic monasteries to Uzbekistan’s marvelous mosques.

168. Ukraine

The beautiful Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Ukraine is huge. And it puts its massive land space to good use with a variety of activities like sipping some of the finest coffee in Kiev, enjoying the hikes of the Carpathians, to partying with Odessa’s seaside views. For first time travelers, our world travel guide recommends starting your journey in Kiev. The capital city is famed for its religious architecture and monuments. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra and St Sophia’s Cathedral are the pick of the bunch.

Enjoy the sea views of Odessa.

For more architectural delight, head to Lviv. The popular town is dotted with majestic castles, palaces and cathedrals. Alternatively, if the city life becomes overwhelming, travel to the port city of Odessa and let the Black Sea breeze blow your hair like the swaying palms of the Bahamas.

169. United Arab Emirates

Dubai’s glittering skyline is a sight to behold.

Think of the UAE and Dubai automatically pops into your mind. This skyscrapers-filled town is among the world’s most glamorous places to live. While the Burj Khalifa acts as the poster child, the dazzling souqs and splendid shopping malls also adds to Dubai’s appeal. Throw in a stunning tangerine desert into the background, and you have a winner right here.

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Hotel is one of the top accommodation options.

However, Abu Dhabi is not to be left behind. If the magnificent mosques don’t appeal to you, the adrenaline-thumping Yas Marina F1 circuit will have you hooked. Can’t get enough of motorsport action? The impressive Ferrari World is a speed-enthusiasts dream home. Finally, if you’re looking to unwind, our world travel guide promises Corniche Beach will not disappoint.  

170. United Kingdom

Like a picture-perfect postcard.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is home to a whole set of attractions. London’s classics are not to be missed, with the likes of Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussauds being classic sights for our world travel guide.

Tollymore Forest Park is the set of Game of Thrones’ Winterfell.

Meanwhile, for those with a keen eye for architecture, check out Belfast. The city is home to classy museums and modern art venues like the Titanic Belfast and the Black Box. Next, continue your travels in Cardiff, and waltz into any one of the city’s impressive castles. Finally, complete your UK getaway in Inverness and put the Loch Ness legacy to bed once and for all.

171. United Republic of Tanzania

Serengeti’s wildebeest migration promises to send your pulse racing.

Tanzania is the home of adventure. At the heart of this blessed country, is the world-renowned Serengeti National Park. One of the world’s best wildlife-watching places is home to endless grasslands and hundreds of thousands of animals, with the annual wildebeest migration being a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Remember to bring along your swimsuit.

Tanzania’s wild side does not stop there. The Selous Game Reserve and Ngorongoro Crater are fantastic additions for your safari expedition. The country’s diverse attractions also takes our world travel guide to Zanzibar. The town is home to winding lanes of the historic Stone Town and exotic, stunning beaches that promises to have you coming back for more.

172. United States of America

NYC’s big, bright lights will have you coming back for more.

From the bright lights of New York and L.A’.s beautiful coast to Texas’s wild wild west charm and Alaska’s alpine lakes, the US has it all. Most of us have dreamt of heading there for various reasons, including crazy Vegas bachelor parties and chasing the American dream during a 9 to 5 in California.

Recreate your Baywatch moment in Venice Beach.

While a minuscule travel guide will do you no use, an extensive piece with a focus on the 2026 FIFA World Cup might help you plan your journey a little better. For the best experience, have your bags packed, rent an American muscle car and fuel up for an epic cross-country road trip.

173. Uruguay

Montevideo’s colorful street stalls are always a treat!

Uruguay has often found itself overlooked by its glamorous neighbors, Brazil and Argentina. However, the country is finally ready to step out and stake its claim to be firmly placed on the globetrotters map. Montevideo is at the heart of this resurgence. This city wears many faces, from its industrial port and downtown business district, to sexy seaside villas and thriving art spaces.

Talk about a digital detox.

For a more laid back approach, head over to Punta del Diablo. The sleepy town is popular among backpackers for its beautiful shoreline and cozy beachside bars. Throw in conservation areas for sea turtles, sea lions and dolphins, what’s there not to like about this spot?

174. Uzbekistan

Registan is a true architectural marvel.

Uzbekistan’s tremendous architecture and history puts it at the top of your Central Asia travel destination list. Integral to the Silk Road, this country is adorned with a series of spellbinding ancient cities that deserve your full attention. Samarkand acts a testament to this, with a set of fascinating mosques and mausoleums, including the glorious Registan. This massive medrassa is arguably Central Asia’s best sight as it bears the heart of the city’s medieval charm.

Kalyan Mosque pays homage to Uzbekistan’s past glory.

Bukhara is another gem in this part of the world. The city’s Ark and Kalyan minaret are the most iconic sites. The former is part of a 5th century fortress and the latter is a gorgeous architectural feat. if these two are not enough, our world travel guide recommends embarking on your own little adventure to uncover the rest of the medrassas and mosques in this area.

Stay tuned to catch up with next week’s world travel guide, where we witness Vanuatu’s WWII wreck diving sites and Zimbabwe’s adrenaline-packed adventures. Alternatively, looking to take on the ultimate road less traveled destinations in Tonga and Uganda?

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