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123RF World Travel Guide: Romania to Samoa

For this week’s World Travel Guide, step into Romania’s Bran Castle to relive the legend of the Dracula. Next, take on gorillas Rwanda, the Land of Thousand Hills. Following that, head to St Lucia’s beautiful Sugar Beach for your paradise getaway. Finally, end your travels in Samoa’s To Sua Ocean Trench, the world’s most photogenic natural pool.

141. Romania

The opulent Palace of Parliament.

Romania is a mix of the old and the new. Ancient stone churches and Transylvanian towns are a testament to the country’s timeless charm, while buzzing Bucharest paves the way for what’s next to come. Set in southern Romania, this capital city may not be the prettiest, but it wins you over with its cosmopolitan vibe. The colossal Palace of Parliament is the prettiest sight of the city, and the world’s second largest administrative building. Bucharest also quietly surprises with its up and coming dining scene, thanks to a series of swanky cafes and bars.

Relive tales of the Dracula in Bran Castle.

Our World Travel Guide also highlights no trip to Romania is complete without a pit stop at Bran Castle. Better known as Dracula’s home, this iconic spot is massively popular among tourists. For more of Romania’s great outdoors and majestic monasteries, head to the tiny town of Sinaia. It’s crayon colored wooden houses, hidden castle passageways and hiking trails are some of the best ways to spend your summer vacation.

142. Russia

Hiker’s paradise in Altai Mountains.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup certainly did put Russia on the tourist trail. And our World Travel Guide picks the world’s largest country for its beautiful natural landscapes. While Moscow and St Petersburg are well-documented favorites, we’re here for the splendor of the Altai Mountains and Ruskeala. Known as the Golden Mountains, the former is now booming with ecotourism. Here, immerse yourself in local legends while you kayak, hike and fish in the area with your guides. Alternatively, if you are up for the challenge, rent a Jeep and embark on an epic road trip adventure.

Ruskeala’s breathtaking scenery.

Next, head to Ruskeala, where The Mountain Park pays homage to nature’s stunning beauty. The gorgeous marble canyon has now transformed into a crystal clear lake. So imagine yourself standing in front of the Norwegian Fjords, drinking water from Icelandic waterfall and enjoying the views of Scottish Lochs. To make the most of your visit, get your gear and go for a hike. Finally, end your day by camping out under the glittering night sky.

143. Rwanda

Track these beasts in the Volcanoes National Park.

Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, thanks to its seemingly endless mountains and hills, Rwanda is slowly making its mark on the globetrotter’s map. Our World Travel Guide identifies the depths of forests as Rwanda’s best travel experience. Hiding behind thick bamboo shoots, are the massive mountain gorillas. And the Volcanoes National Park is the best place to spot these magnificent beasts.

Feel the warmth of Rwandan hospitality.

However, for those in search of a city life, head straight to Kigali. The capital city accommodates the all-important Kigali Genocide Memorial and wide tree-lined boulevards that are great for an evening stroll. Meanwhile, the town’s growing art scene and it’s vibrant Cultural Village only adds to its charm.

144. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Your gateway to this laid-back island.

These two islands have one of the most complete packages for you. It combines the luxury escapades of sun, sea and sand, with old school hikes in lush volcanic peaks.

The Narrows: A strait that separates the two islands.

St Kitts is the larger of the two, with the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park taking the top spot for a day tour. As for accommodation options, swing by the luxury resorts on Frigate Bay. Here, lay by the beach and take in the beautiful sunset views, with a cocktail or two. Meanwhile, the smaller package of the two, Nevis is home to massive Nevis Peak. So grab a pair of comfy hiking boots and take in some of the best views of the town.

145. Saint Lucia

These pitons serve as iconic landmarks in St Lucia.

Saint Lucia is an absolute paradise. Luxury resorts, powder white beaches, and old school fishing villages are in abundance here. The heart and soul of this gem is Soufriere. Its colonial buildings, colorful stores and beautiful beaches are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Marigot Bay is great for family getaways.

However, the pick of the bunch here is the Sugar Beach. The views are spectacular, best enjoyed with a dip into its calming waters and an overnight stay in the swanky seafront villa.

Additionally, if you’re looking for ecotourism spots, check out the Diamond Botanical Gardens, where serene waterfalls and exotic flora start to take over.

146. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Enjoy the ocean to yourself in Mopion Island.

This Carribbean nation is true to its stereotype. Idyllic beaches, yacht-filled harbor, and crystal clear waters are in abundance. While this archipelago may sound like a hub for the rich and famous, rest assured, you don’t need Trump’s bank balance to have fun here.

Tobago Cays is the stuff of dreams.

Our World Travel Guide picks Tobago Cays for the ultimate retreat. Compromising of five uninhabited islands, simply rent a boat and head out into the emerald waters where you can fish for your lunch. As for accommodation options, opt to stay at the Canouan Island. When you’re not treating yourself with a spa, head out for a walk and grab an ice cream while you take in the laid-back vibes of its quiet town.

147. Samoa

Stamd in awe of the Papapapaitai falls.

Our World Travel Guide highlights Samoa as one of the most underrated travel destinations. It has everything you want from a stunning Caribbean island, minus the hustle and bustle of its more famous counterparts. The island of Upolu is at the heart of this nation. The 24-hour Maketi Fou dishes out local food and produce, so be sure to include this as a pit stop. However, in Upolu, it’s all about the jaw-dropping natural beauty.

To Sua: Nature’s best swimming pool.

First up, the To Sua Ocean Trench. This incredibly photogenic location homes a massive sinkhole that opens up to an aquamarine pool. It takes quite a bit of effort to enjoy this, but the descend via a sturdy wooden ladder makes it worth your time and courage.

Next, don’t leave without checking out the Piula Cave Pool. Perfect for a family getaway and thrill-seekers, as the latter can uncover the cave by swimming through a narrow passageway and into the next site. Finally, end your day on a high at the Afu Aau and Togitogiga Waterfalls, where serenity is served in abundance. Next up on our World Travel Guide series, join us as we uncover San Marino’s historic past with walks in its cobbled Old Town and explore secret beaches in Sierra Leone. Alternatively, catch up on our previous series where Peru’s Incan ruins meet Moldova’s majestic monasteries.

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