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123RF Guidelines for AI Generated Content

Hey 123RF Contributors,

With all the buzz surrounding Artificial intelligence (AI) these days, we're certain you're dabbling in creating your own AI generated images as well. As AI continues to advance, the future of AI generated images looks bright. Our community recognizes that AI generated images can be used to create highly realistic and visually appealing advertisements and marketing materials.

At 123RF, we welcome your AI-generated images within our collection. Below are our Content guidelines for AI-generated content submissions:


  1. Rights a. DO ENSURE that you have all the necessary rights to submit the AI Content for the purpose of licensing as per our Contributor Agreement. b. DO ENSURE that the AI Content generation tools/plug-ins/extensions/models grant you the necessary rights to license the content to another party. c. DO ENSURE AI Content does not infringe the rights of any third party by containing depictions of real people or real places or real brands/trademarks.

  2. Quality

    1. DO submit high quality content that:

      1. Our clients would find commercially applicable.

      2. Are creative and meets the quality requirements of clients.

      3. Fundamentally makes sense:

        1. Characters depicted in the content are anatomically correct and in proportion.

        2. Objects shown in content have a reason to be there.

      4. Minimum resolution of 6 megapixels in size (approx 2000 x 3000 px).

    2. DO NOT submit:

      1. Low quality content with flawed outputs often associated with AI generated content, examples include but not limited to:

        1. Missing or additional digits on fingers and toes

        2. Additional appendages (arms, legs)

        3. Odd facial expressions

        4. Items that do not belong in a composition

        5. Unidentifiable or distorted objects

        6. Objects that are of the wrong size/scale/ratio

        7. Images with visible watermarks

        8. Images with nonsensical text

        9. Images with nudity

        10. Images with glitch effect

        11. Images that are inappropriate (pedophilia, self harm, offensive, sensitive, biased or discriminatory)

        12. Similar images with slight changes of angle, color/brightness, pose, expression or image orientation (spamming)

      2. Content that defames a third party.

c. DO ENSURE content are technically sound:

i. No artifacting

ii. No noise iii. No pixelization or blurred images iv. No loss of detail and definition from overprocessing

*TIP: Use image enhancement or upscale tool if necessary (repair/improve damaged faces, blurred or pixelization)

  1. Releases

    1. DO ATTACH valid model or property releases if your content depicts any identifiable person, brand, trademark, place and/or property.

  2. During Submission

    1. Upload to "Ai Generated Images" category ONLY. (AI content uploaded to other categories will be rejected).

    2. DO NOT tag the AI Content with: - names of real places/property. For example - “London Eye”, “Statue of Liberty”, “Eiffel Tower” and etc. - names of real people. For example - "Artgerm", "Abraham Lincoln", "Elon Musk" and etc. - names of brands or trademarked property. For example - "Nike", "Disney", "Artstation" , "Playstation", "Marvel" and etc.


Here are some examples that we DO NOT accept:

Pixelation (Low definition upscale)

Always check your images at actual size (100%), and make sure there is no artifacting, noise, pixelization, or blurred issue.

*TIP: Use image enhancement or upscale tool if necessary (repair/improve damaged faces, blurred or pixelation)

Poorly Constructed Images

Generated images with loss of detailed, unidentifiable or distorted objects.

Unnatural Anatomy

Missing or additional digits on fingers and toes, additional appendages (arms, legs), odd facial expressions.

Weird and Nonsensical Non functional equipment, unknown or nonsensical object.

Too experimental or unusual concept

Concept that is far from common norms and practices, making it challenging for people to understand or accept.

Copyright and Trademark

Check if there is any logo or copyrighted material, please conduct thorough research if you are uncertain.

Watermark or Signature

Ensure that your content does not have any watermark or copyrighted signature.

High repetition Similar images with slight changes of angle, color/brightness, pose, expression or image orientation (spamming).


Here’s some of our curated images for your inspiration:

The samples above conclude our guideline for AI generated content. We hope you’ll find all this information useful for your next upload! Happy churning and submitting!


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