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123RF Exclusive: Interview with Soundbounce

[Music is a lot more than just a soundtrack of their lives, it is an integral part of what Soundbounce is in its existence. Simply put, they don’t just create music, they ARE what music is all about.]

Baking a cake.

That is how the five or “Phh-ive” (as they cheekily put it) – member Soundbounce team describes the process of stock music production. Check it out:

“First, we combine the ingredients (musical instruments) in a mixing bowl. Next we churn the batter together, adding in a tablespoon of melody, sprinkles of harmony and a pinch of rhythm before baking. Once the cake is baked, we need to edit the rough edges, mix up the icing and master the finishing touches and Voila! A beautiful and perfectly decorated piece!”

The beauty of collaboration in a nutshell, or a cake pan, if you may. Just like the music that they create, the Soundbounce crew aims to inspire, uplift and stir up souls – both young and old – through passion. Truly a quirky bunch, you will find them with bee-like headphones sticking out from their ears, tinkering on a Midi “silent” keyboard most of the day. But when fun commences, these nutty characters will tear down the roof with thunderous laughter and their rambunctious antics.

No sub-par quality work will ever pass through the green lights at the Soundbounce toll booth. Team Senior Composer, Melissa Ooi will make sure of that. Helmed as the classical music maven, her training involves the piano and some dabbling in the violin and vocals. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor at work, she somehow turns into Wednesday from “The Addams Family” with her odd sense of humor when the right buttons are pushed though not in that dark, almost manic kind of way. Here is her 5 minutes worth with the Photo Chick:

What is the partnership between Soundbounce and 123RF like?

We have a fantastic partnership with 123RF through contributing to their vast royalty free music and SFX collection. I guess it’s the mutual expression between our music production and their requirements that leads to a great working synergy.

Will you call yourselves musicians? Music Producers? that’s a generic term. We would prefer to be called noise-makers! We make noise and form them together to make music!

Where does the team find inspiration in making their music?

Anywhere! We can go all day listing out these “locations”. It could be while waiting in queue for a burger, stuck in traffic jams, sounds from a vacuum cleaner….If we feel a lil’ composer’s block, maybe references online.

What is your favourite producer and/or piece of music?

I love Danny Elfman’s compositions! The eccentricity of his music adds a vibrant feel to the film characters that he works on.

So what’s next for Soundbounce?

Loads! But of course we plan to keep making great music till we grow old and grey (except Simon, he’s already greying in some parts, LOL) But above all, you’ll be sure to find us in more 123RF projects!

Soundbounce tunes are exclusively available in 123RF’s stock music collection. Purchases are between 2 to 120 credits for a myriad of sound effects, musical snippets, and stock music tracks for any auditory need.

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Let’s bounce yo…

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