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123RF Celebrates Creative Women

Between a woman and a man, which one is the most likely to be a primary caregiver, a teacher, or a nurse?

Quite honestly, when you think of a teacher, a female figure comes to mind. The same goes for a caregiver, a nurse, a personal assistant, and so on.

We slide into matters of debate: Do women stay at home or go to work? What about men staying as the sole breadwinner of the family? But wait, you say, it’s a modern era, employed women are much more career-minded and more likely to take on the breadwinning role.

True. The obstacles they face daily at work is a different story. Gender discrimination is a hot topic at the moment, particularly in big name companies. It has become largely impossible to ignore the inequality hurdles women face in male-dominated working environments.

International Women's Day: 123RF Celebrates Creative Women

Photo by dreamerve

Females in the breadwinning role may be more open in the West, where women have always had more of a say as opposed to women in Asia, where the majority of men dominate workplaces. Women’s movements such as ‘MeToo’ have sparked a higher level of awareness about gender discrimination in a work environment, including retold accounts of sexism, workplace sexual harassment, closing the pay gap, and many more.

Are there still high-paying jobs for capable women out there? Is the female CEO still a pipe dream women have while they scrub a kitchen they will never get out of? And if it does happen, what about a female CEO getting paid barely a fraction of what a male CEO would receive?

When employed women become mothers, surveys have shown that a majority of them would pull out from their professional life. Given that their partner would be the one working, most mothers choose to stay home with their children, because motherhood is a full-time job. But what about mothers who are still working while juggling familial responsibilities? At some point in their working life, are working mothers still expected to give up great career prospects for a home life with children?

Take women working in the creative industry, for instance. It may be easier for them to eke out a living or some side income if they work from home, selling their creative works online.

International Women's Day: 123RF Celebrates Creative Women

Photo by Olena Kachmar

On Celebrating Creative Women

123RF celebrates creative women in our industry – bold, fearless, and unapologetic in their careers. We’ve asked 5 incredible women in the creative industry to share their motivational drive, working with other women, and their female source of inspiration.

Photography business-owner Anna Bizon on what drives her to wake up and do her thing every day:

I really love my job and people who are working with me, my team and models. I love the feeling of being creative and having fun during a working day. When my content is selling, there is another motivation, it shows that what I do is good and provides value for others.

Speaking up about issues working women face:

It’s quite common that women earn less than men, doing the same job (and doing that as good as men). I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that this can be very demotivating and frustrating. However, this is starting to change and will hopefully become and even playing field at some point. Furthermore, life is a balance, women often have to manage both a hectic family and work life – it’s not easy!

On her experiences working with other women in her creative career:

I work with women all the time, also I have some in my team now. Women can be very creative and typically work hard to prove and demonstrate what they have achieved.

I think every woman I have ever worked with has been an inspiration in some way shape or form. No matter of her position in society, whether she is a mother, friend or co-worker, every person brings something different which I find incredibly empowering and reflect through my work.

Advice to her younger self:

Eat well, travel often and work smarter rather than harder! That’s my motto now and I would tell it to my younger self for sure. I am a firm believer that traveling broadens the mind and opens eyes, getting a good work life balance is also important, people should do what they love and not just hunt profit!

Graphic designer and illustrator Anna Syvak on her main motivation, and her source of inspiration:

I like to think that every day is special. So I don’t want to miss a thing. Seeing the beauty in ordinary things – is what I’m trying to learn.

Women are really incredible creatures. I’m getting inspired by strong personalities, who do their best in what they do and they love doing it. One of them is Jane Austen. She was one of those first female voices, that created the idea of feminism, woman rights. She was an influencer, a genius writer and a very brave person, who made a call to society and herself.

Her advice to a younger Anna:

Time is the only thing you cannot return. So it’s very important to spend it wisely: on good goals, with worthy people.

Stock contributor Anastasia Kazakova on her experience with women that she photographs:

Working with the unique, individual beauty of each model – that is my true passion.

I work with women from all over the world, most are amateur models, but almost all of them tell me how unpretty and shy they are, that they need to lose weight for example. But what I see behind the lens of my camera is a woman’s beauty – a unique face, an amazing smile. In today’s socially-driven society so many women feel strong pressure to look and behave a certain way, and if they do not they may feel anxious, depressed and unhappy. Beauty comes from within and thankfully these standards are changing, and I’m happy about that!

Stock photographer Julia Sudnitskaya on creative women, and giving advice to her younger self:

I observe a large number of creative and talented female photographers, for example in the areas of food, family and wedding photography. I’m also into macro and landscape shots.

If you’re interested in photography: believe in yourself. Appreciate every day. As soon as possible buy a camera and learn the art of taking photos.

Inmagine Group’s CEO, Stephanie Sitt, on being a confident woman first, and a CEO second. Here’s the most important thing that drives her:

Through my years of experience, nothing is better than a woman who quietly exudes strength and confidence in any position she is in. Self-belief and being true to themselves are the seeds that every woman needs to plant. Empower yourself, because no one else will.

Happy Women’s Day.

International Women's Day: 123RF Celebrates Creative Women

Photo byIvan Soima


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