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12 Inspiring Moments In Photography

There is a quote by the great Aristotle “Pleasure in the job, puts perfection at work”. But in essence, what does it really mean to enjoy your job, or to love your work so much that it is not only fulfilling but also inspiring to others. As mundane a job can be to some, it has its moments. And it is in these moments where one realizes that a job is not merely just a job. It is one’s passion. Therefore, we have compiled a list depicting some of these moments in a photographers life, to which fuels the passion to put perfection at work.

1.Being able to capture something funny or candid.

2.When you see your work being used in a magazine or billboard.

3.Being your own boss and just being lucky enough to be able to do what you love for a living!

Stock Photo - handsome young man relaxing and working on laptop computer at home balcony while looking sunset

4.When you found someone with the same passion and interest as you are.

Stock Photo - Young women taking picture with a old vintage cameras

5.Being able to work with some of the most beautiful people around.

Stock Photo - Studio portrait of blooming gorgeous lady in dress of flowers

6.Being able to visit the places you never thought possible before.

Stock Photo - Eiffel Tower with boat on Seine in Paris, France

7.When you see people being brought closer through photography.

8.Being able to capture something totally unexpected.

9.Being able to see what other people don’t usually see. 

Stock Photo - Cheetah running at full speed in South Africa (Acinonyx jubatus)

10.Being able to see the deepest and most hidden feelings of a person.

11.Being able to freeze every moment into eternity!

12.When you are free to explore a blank canvas of photo opportunities

So what inspires and excites youin taking that perfect shot? Whether you are a professional, amateur, or an Instagrammer, share your inspiration with us!

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