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12 Facts To Decipher The Millennial Mom Influence

Millennial moms are an incredibly unique group of women. They were born before the era of smartphones, ride hailing apps and Facebook. They saw the rise of technology and witnessed the slow climb of video gaming systems. They listened to Soundgarden and Green Day before they were cool.

Even now, while they’re labeled as the generation who prefer staring at their iPhones over actual human interaction, millennial moms are legit 70% smarter than the average baby boomer mom. Please give them a break. Literally no one needs me-time more than moms, just saying. But millennial moms take that to the next level now, with an increase in seeking out personal time as a commodity in their lives. Compared to baby boomers, they don’t want to be mom all the time. Check out my infographic below to decipher the millennial mom influence.

If you’re a photographer, I hope this gives you an idea on your next photo project. Think about the everyday themes a millennial mom would experience in her day-to-day life. What are the settings she would find herself in? What would she be grooming her kids to become? Would she be more likely to walk into a store and trust in a brand that has sustainable and eco-friendly products?

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