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Try Digitally Drawing With Pixlr

Did you know that it’s possible to draw in Pixlr Pro? In this tutorial, I’ll show you the basics of using the Brush Tool to draw a flower step by step.

Here’s How to Draw a Flower in Pixlr Pro

Open Pixlr Pro. Go to File > New and create a document with dimensions 900 x 1300. Add a New Folder.

Double click the folder’s name and change it to “sketch”.

Change its Opacity to 10%.

Take the Brush Tool (B) and select some small brush.

To make it easier to keep the lines smooth, you can increase the value of Smooth.

Ok, let’s start drawing! Create a New Layer over the Sketch folder and draw the stem of the flower.

Drag this layer into the Sketch Folder. This way it will stay here as a guideline, but it won’t go in the way of new lines.

Create a New Layer and draw a plus on top of the stem. Then cross it with a rotated plus. You should end up with something like an 8-arm star.

Again, drag this layer down and create a New Layer (this should be repeated until every step). Draw a slight curve between each pair of the star’s arms. They all should curve subtly upwards.

Elongate the arms of the little star, but keep them shorter than the arms of the big star.

Draw an oval around each long arm.

Draw long leaves on the sides of the stem.

Outline the leaves.

Draw the center of the flower, outlining the little star.

Outline the petals, giving each a shape of a teardrop. They will look more natural if they overlap a little in a random way.

Our sketch is done! Now we’re going to draw on the layer above the Sketch folder, keeping all lines opaque. Fill the center of the flower with little circles.

Give the petals a natural, slightly irregular outline. Remember about the overlapping!

Outline the stem, the leaves, and add some detailing lines.

Finally, click the eye icon next to the Sketch folder to hide the guidelines. The flower drawing is finished!

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