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Top Stock Photos And Vectors Of September 2013

Finally! ‘Tis the jolly month for merry treat or tricksters! Let’s embrace the season of carved grinning jack-o’-lanterns on doorsteps and elaborately crafted costumes that are usually accompanied with heavy usage of fake blood!!! Squeeze those brain cells of yours for scary stories that will shock an eager yet easily frightened audience through storytelling or in the form of an unforgettable haunted mansion.

But do hold your horses for a second there! Before galloping away with all your wonderful spooky ideas, do remember to bring along your cameras. Capture your favourite moments on this spine-chilling night and share them with your friends, family and last but not least, us.

As we breathe in the scent of this much awaited occasion, here is our September edition of Top Downloaded Images for both credits and submission.

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