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Top Stock Photos And Vectors Of August 2012

“Ba de ya, dancing in September…” September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

It would definitely be awesome to dance away in September while experiencing the cool breeze brushing across our skin.

Autumn is just around the corner and sooner than we know it, it’ll be the end of an unforgettable summer! Imagine the breathtaking sights that we will witness among experiences with leaves falling from trees and kids jumping into big heaps of raked leaves! There will be loads of time spent among family members, friends as well as plenty of happy moments being captured on camera too. We’ll be thrilled to share your beautiful memories.

But before we get carried away with our excitement, let’s check out the top downloaded images (credits and subscription) for the month of August 2012!

I. Credit Downloads Category

II. Subscription Downloads Category

We can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support!

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Stay tuned for more awe-inspiring images next month!

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