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The Truth About Global Warming

This climate catastrophe is caused by carbon dioxide and global warming pollutants that form a thickening blanket in the atmosphere; trapping the sun’s heat and heating up our planet significantly. The worst part about global warming? It’s mostly human-induced… and this climate catastrophe is expected to worsen in the coming years.

The rising global temperature will not only affect our health, ecosystem, energy supply, and agriculture, it will change our communities and economy in disastrous ways. What we are witnessing these days is only the tip of the iceberg.

But look on the bright side; technology has enabled us to modernize power plants, generate electricity from non-polluting sources and make cars run a lot cleaner.

This month, our skilled image editor has created a thought-provoking photo montage to motivate you to go green.

Images used were:-

We hope that this month’s Snippet will inspire you to design your own photo montage and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

You can share your artwork with us by sending it to

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