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The Great July Bestsellers BBQ Feast!

With the Summer season nearing the brink of retirement, our bestsellers decided to have a final barbecue fiesta  to prove their domestic prowess. It was a sunny day, perfect for an outdoor feast…

Abstract Backgrounds helming the smoky grill with sweat dripping from his chin, wrestling with meat featuring brisket, beef ribs, Carolina pulled pork and smoked beef sausages

Infographic Elements stands by, eyes watering from the grill fumes while mixing up his “secret sauce” to douse the meat with – a ketchup-tinged concoction tasting of vinegar and red pepper.

Meanwhile, Vector Icons opened up her basket filled with beer-battered onion rings and a platter of nachos covered with Texas red chili, her red sundress marked with tiny spots of dry batter.

Stealing an onion ring while her back was turned, Summer Fun flourished the picnic table with fresh corn bread, perfect to mop up the secret sauce with.

Health Symbols, being the health-conscious one, obviously touted a large bowl of salad. But it was a hot day and everyone was thirsty, so where was…

Business Networks? Ahh, there he is hand-in-hand with a girl he just “networked” with. Everyone sighed with relief when they saw the cold pitcher of lemonade in his other hand.

So grab a napkin and pig out with us! Beware, it’s gonna’ be a messy, messy affair! Like and Share these bestsellers with your friends!

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Stock Photos - Credit Bestsellers in Jully 2014

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Stock Photos - Subscription Best Sellers in July 2014

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Stock Photos - Footage Best Sellers in July 2014

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See you in Autumn for another round of quirks from our top collections! =D


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