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The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

Motion design is nowadays a very popular technique used to create a statement when promoting a product, service or any general idea. However, since it is used a lot, this type of design often may appear as ‘boring’ to some.

The truth is, there is always something new in motion graphics, and playing around with them is the best way to showcase your true creativity. Today’s trends in this form of design are usually created by the latest technological innovations. And while it is not recommended to jump on the bandwagon and follow just every single trend out there, you definitely need to be well-informed when it comes to the ongoing and cutting-edge trends in motion design.

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

A great side benefit from following what’s hot and latest in the field of motion design is the creative juices which you will get – and the inspiration that you will gain throughout the process. After all, no end customer wants a project with an out-of-date look, right?

Trending Motion Design Practices: What’s Best This Year?

As you already know, design trends are always changing. Being able to keep up with them and make them part of your strategy is always an important talent that every designer, artist or marketer needs to have. Studying and understanding which of the design practices can help you achieve your goals are of paramount importance here.

In order to show you what’s new and buzzing in the field of motion design, we are exploring the best motion design trends for 2018 which are active and trending – below.

The Glitch Effect

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

The glitch effect – also known as pixelated-off images or the visual crackle of a video stream evoking a scratchy static of an old TV – has been buzzing over the past year. It is seen as ‘retro’ by many artists and as such, has garnered a ubiquitous traction. According to some sources, glitch design has permeated almost every aspect of culture, from branding to fashion to marketing, and even film and TV.

Since it has a vibe that is futuristic and yet retro – it is inspired by an overall move in design towards celebrating the pure beauty of controlled imperfection.

Liquid Motion

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects
The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

Basically, these are animations in which the organic shapes are transformed in a ‘liquid’ way. This trend is not new but has stuck for some time and is buzzing in creative circles nowadays.

Thanks to After Effects by Adobe (and its allowance of smooth fluid transitions between scenes of images that catapult liquid motion), this trend has gained traction in the marketing/advertising circles.

Big, Bright, Bold Colors

If you are a designer or an artist, you probably know how much typography has changed over the past few years. The focus on small letters has grown to a focus on big and massive letters filled with bright and bold colors and hues.

What’s bold and bright is also popular in the digital design world – best used to accent colors and “make them pop.” Since there is a growing demand for designs that stand out, this trend will likely stick in the years to come.

Morphing Shape Layers

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects
The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

The layers which are morphing between shapes, objects or icons is a trend that has been here for a good few years. However, we are about to see more from this trend in the coming months, especially because of its potential to gain momentum and popularity.

Prevalent in logo animations, this trend is expected to be embraced by even more designers in the future.


The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

Pastel hues combined with a glitch effect

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

We say a lot about pastels in most of the guides on our blog – but they are really a motion design trend that should not be skipped this year – and one that is driven by the wave of that nostalgic and vintage vibe that we all miss.

The retro pastel palette is best interpreted with a modern eye that punches up a saturation of the sweet candy colors while infusing them with a kick – something that every customer appreciates (and falls in love with).

A Mixed Approach Of 2D and 3D

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

3D is now a booming field which capabilities allow creative opportunities that would be otherwise impossible. Therefore, it is safe to say that we will keep seeing more of 3D throughout this year and in the next year, especially in the motion design sector. However, aside from it, 3D is expected to be embraced in many other industries and sectors for everything from small to big budget productions, commercials, product shots, marketing campaigns as well as game design.

Mixing 2D with 3D animation and graphics can even lead to a variety of new and fun experiences for the viewer, which will become more and more popular in the coming years.

Gradient Color Transitions

The 7 Popular 3D Motion Design Styles And Effects

Gradients are well-known as a popular trend by many designers nowadays. They’re known for their supremacy in the design circles, even though for one period they were completely dethroned by flat design.

Just like pastels, gradients and gradient color transitions are making a comeback – now in a semi-flat enhancement that suits all tastes. Thanks to iOS (where gradients were first seen), these gradients are one of the biggest trends of the year. Seems like the team behind Apple made a solid statement with their use in the new iPhone models, especially with 3-dimensional elements.

We will likely see more from gradients in the coming years. In fact, our mind has adapted to them and we are already seeing them as a ‘natural’ element of design.

Motion design is one of the best ways to tell a story.

Used more often by designers, it never fails to engage a viewer while communicating specific ideas in a captivating manner.

From all this, we can conclude that even motion graphics are changing nowadays. The change is obviously positive and needs to be adopted by every designer out there for the best possible effects.

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