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Matte Tracking Tutorial with After Effects CC

So today we decided, hey, let’s create a VIDEO tutorial using an image of a Brazilian flag (hint: World Cup mania 2014).

The method used is “matte tracking’, basically it’s a technique of isolating an object/subject from a particular video using a “matte” or “mask”. Once you master this, you can run free with your ideas! Use it in your videos – like a video-card – or embed your own personalized messages as you fancy.

Eager to begin? Wait! There is still some prep to be done. For this simple tutorial, you will need:

(1) The Adobe After Effects CC software. (2) A snippet of your choice that you would like to edit – make sure it is a Luma Matte image (3) A pair of headphones, perhaps?

Don’t worry, we have loads of Luma Matte concepts for you to choose from:

So you’re all set! Go ahead and try it out! Do share your results with us=)

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