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How to Exploit Your Dog For Amazing 4th of July Photography

If you’re a cat person, look away. If dogs are your everything, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The 4th of July celebrations represents a time to step outside and immerse yourself in a wave of patriotism. For those of you with pets, don’t forget about your furry friends and keep all the fun to yourself. So, why not exploit their infectious, adorable nature by making your pooch the star of your amazing 4th of July photography!

Dressing up your dog for cute 4th of July photos 

For those with puppies, it is ideal to start training them from the beginning. Trying to get them to wear different forms of clothing is similar to other methods of training, as it helps set positive associations and behavioral patterns. Meanwhile, for older dogs, it is best to never force them to put on anything they do not feel like. Patience is the key. 

You can start by taking out a garment and rewarding them with a treat for looking at it. Next, once they are comfortable, drape the clothing over their back for a few seconds. Once they seem fine with this, proceed to making them wear the clothing itself. 

It is advisable to start with a simple garment before dressing your pooch with avant-garde, Lady Gaga-like fashion or outfits fresher than Drake himself. Once the outfit is settled, then comes the next challenge, deciding on how to take an amazing 4th of July photograph for the love of your life. 

Tips to take amazing dog photography

First things first, never use the flash. Natural lighting always does justice to capture your pet’s photogenic charm. Once you have discovered the perfect lighting and background, focus on making your dog comfortable with the camera by pointing it their direction before they are ready to pose. 

With the lighting settled and your dog is fully comfortable with the camera, it is time to find the right angle. Here, it is important to get down to your dog’s level, be it sitting, standing or lying on the ground. Having a few toys and treats by your side is a great way to entice your pooch into different facial expressions and movements. 

Before you know it, your best friend could set tails wagging in the entire neighborhood with cool 4th of July photography! Finally, be sure to read up on more 4th of July creative inspiration!

Never be short on inspiration!

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