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Get Transported Across Oceans With Balinature’s Stock Photos

We’re always excited and ready to support your work, be it photography, video, or illustrations. Discover the creative works of Russian photographer Artem Firsov, known as balinature on 123RF. Artem’s specialty lies in capturing stunning, Insta-worthy travel shots with perfect angles and lighting.

Get Transported Across Oceans With Balinature's Stock Photos

Waterfall in Bali, Indonesia

In a world where technology moves at a fast pace, we’re always bombarded with visuals and happenings across oceans. We don’t always have time to stop and appreciate nature the way it truly is. Artem has a way of showing us the magnificent beauty in the form of scenic ocean views, paddy-fields with distant mountains, and inviting waterfalls. Drone shots featuring incredible aerial views of turquoise waters on a calm sea rouse a deep urge for us to get on a plane and head right over to that place.

Aerial view of a tropical beach with blue ocean and rocky island in Nusa Penida

Get Transported Across Oceans With Balinature's Stock Photos

Woman surfing underwater with barrel waves

Get Transported Across Oceans With Balinature's Stock Photos

Drone view of a kayak on a tranquil ocean

Before the trip, I always look at the new photos of the place where I am going to go, again, it is convenient to do it on Instagram in search by tags or geo. For example, the waterfall in Bali, on this island everything changes very quickly, if yesterday the waterfall was wild, today I can cut down trees or build a cafe there, thereby spoiling all the virgin beauty. Therefore, it is better to always watch fresh photos from locations. I also always watch for windy weather, it helps.

Such amazing views, taken at the perfect moment. So much so that we say to ourselves – wow, are these really stock photos? Artem’s reach of photography stretches to delicious food with eye-catching layouts.

Get Transported Across Oceans With Balinature's Stock Photos

Open sandwiches in an interesting layout

I am very inspired by beautiful photos on Instagram – surfing, landscapes, the underwater world. I press the shutter button only when I like what I see in the viewfinder. I try to make thoughtful shots that would be the correct composition, color and moment.

Always good practice to follow your instinct when it comes to photography. Artem finds several different factors that make a photo worth capturing, be it the model, lighting, or the color of the subject he’s about to shoot.

I have many factors, whether it is a model, light, color. The main thing is that I would like the result to be interesting to me.

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