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Free Download: 123RF Creative Calendar / Planner 2015

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New year, new resolutions. If carpe diem is on your list this year, then you’d probably love our crazy 2015 calendar/planner complete with elements on how to stay creative all year long. No more excuses for being uninspired or nodding off at your desk day after day feeling like you’re wasting precious time! So what are you waiting for? Dress up your desk or tablet today!

Don’t you just love 123RF’s newly personalized and creative 2015 calendar/planner? Doesn’t it make you wanna do crazy, exciting stuff? Well, you can now! All you have to do is download the size that you desire and add on more colors and doodles to make it pop for the best year  you can ever have! 😉 Happy 2015!

Available for FREE downloads in 3 sizes:

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