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Five Ways Gen Z Will Change The World

Young people camping at picnic on the night

Depending on who is asking, Generation Z is the ‘snowflake generation’ or the generation that grew up with way too much privilege.

But for us, there’s more to them than just that. Born between the years 1997 to 2012, we believe that this generation is the generation that has the potential to steer the world to a better path.

Wait. Let us explain; we have good reasons to back this up.

Here are five ways in which Gen Z is changing the world for the better:

May the most technologically savvy prevail

Top view of a smartphone being in male hands while taking photos of food

Generation Zs have led a life drastically different from the rest in every way possible.

They’re the first generation of humans that don’t know or don’t remember a life without smartphones, laptops and social media.

Some people mock how Gen Z are so dependent on their smartphones, taking photos of their meals and oversharing on the internet, but is it really such a bad thing?

One of the outcomes of a techy generation is that they’ve completely took the opportunity to turn these platforms and resources into something unimaginable – thriving ecommerce businesses, influencer and content creator marketing, starting global movements like #MeToo and more — and that, we think, is only the beginning.

Embracing diversity, differences and being inclusive

Youth millennial people and health care guidelines to avoid corona virus spread

Growing up in a hyperconnected world only means that the generation is quicker to be exposed to other cultures, news, and social issues.

This has led to a more liberal, open-minded population that advocates for acceptance over keeping a nationalist view of the world; they are committed to creating societal change – human rights, LGBTQ+ acceptance, body positivity and the lot.

The older generation didn’t have this. So, that could explain the initial fear of certain communities and their values.

But for Gen Zs, information about anything and everything is just a quick Google search away.

Turning sustainability into a priority

Group of activists with banners protesting to save earth

We can’t blame Gen Z for being the most concerned about the environment and climate change.

The fast-paced, ruthless advancement and actions of the previous generations have resulted in melting ice caps, a plastic-ridden ocean, and forests with bald spots – all in the name of development.

Yet, it is Gen Z that will be left to deal with the consequences of the previous generations.

Since they will have to bear the brunt of climate change, Gen Z has more awareness of the environmental costs of their behavior and treat climate action as a key priority.

This goes from lifestyle changes like demanding more sustainable products and eating less processed foods and more organic foods to worldwide strikes against major oil and gas companies and mega corporations behind most of the damage.

Changing the pathway of education and learning

Female student working on project, checking financial documents late night

Gen Z was said to be on track to becoming the most educated generation ever, but that might not be the case for long.

Why? Well, this has something to do with the Covid-19 pandemic that halted schools and started a wave of online learning (which was arguably providing a much lower quality of education), a fear of taking on student debt, and the enticement of various streams of lucrative income sources that doesn’t require higher education.

But even so, schools are changing how it teaches. Teachers are using more engaging mediums like podcasts, videos, or switching up outdated examination and grading systems for a more hands-on assignment-based learning.

Work takes on a different meaning

Young traveler working with computer and backpack by the sea, concept of digital nomad and blogger lifestyle

I think it’s safe to say that by now, we’ve all heard the term ‘quiet quitting’ right?

If you haven’t, it’s when an employee puts no more effort into their jobs than what is required of them. So they do get the job done, but they’re not going out of their way to make it spectacular.

Many Gen Z-ers are quiet quitters who are looking for jobs that can support their dreams. Even if it means much more money, many from this generation believe that having a work-life balance is worth it if it means fewer pennies in the bank.

Hence why many companies are adopting policies like mental health days, unlimited paid time off, and remote work. And we gotta say, we love not having to spend hours commuting to work.

This generation no longer takes pride in working long hours for a company, nor does it treat it as a badge of honor.


If there’s anyone idealistic yet educated enough to save the world, this is the generation. Do you belong to Generation Z? Do you agree?

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