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Enter Artist Dmytro Kozyrskyi’s Iconic Universe

This week, hailing from Ukrainian shores, we shine the spotlight on creative contributor Dmytro Kozyrskyi. With a vast collection of creative stock visuals spanning the width of his 123RF portfolio, Dmytro’s artistic abilities lie in icon design. While icon design doesn’t seem to be widely talked about, we see them everywhere and use them in our everyday lives. Think of the second you wake up and reach for your buzzing phone – the first thing you set eyes on would be your phone’s alarm icon. Here, we interview Dmytro about how he started his days with microstock, and what inspires his creativity.

1. How did you start working as an artist / illustrator? What attracted you to this profession?

I started my journey right after school, my friends told me that you can make money on vector graphics, and I decided to try it. Due to the fact that I had a lot of free time, I took a lot of time to work and started very well, and I realized that this is the work that I like and from which I get not only money but also pleasure.

2. Do you have a favorite program? (Adobe, Paint Tool SAI, etc.)

Yes, I work initially in Adobe Illustrator. For vector graphics, I don’t see a better program.

3. How do you organize your process of working on content and working with stock?

The first 2 years I worked at home, and honestly it’s very hard to say, now I have been working in the COWORKING office for 2 years and my work efficiency has increased 5 times compared to working at home. I work about 7-10 hours a day.

4. What inspires your creativity?

I always try to do work better than others, and this inspires me, I try to make my work more visible and beautiful.

5. Is there an illustration style that you still want to learn?

Yes! I plan to study Realism.

6. Any advice for beginner stock contributors?

I can advise you to work constantly and not relax, and only then will there be success!

Whether it’s for user interfaces in UI layouts, building directories or airport signs, our lives revolve around functional icon designs. If you’re a digital designer and would like to submit your creative art to our library, check out how to get started as a 123RF contributor and start earning money for your work.

All icon art designed by contributor Dmytro Kozyrskyi, terrry4 on 123RF.

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