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Embracing the Skin Positivity Movement with Stock Photos

Pimples, acne and scars. Most of us have grown up with them, hand in hand with some Oxy 5. However, the media has altered the world’s view of beauty standards. Flawless skin is the norm and anything else, is simply not good enough. Therefore, to help rid the rigid structures of beauty, here’s a mini collection of stock photos which help prove that everybody is beautiful, thanks to the skin positivity movement.

1. Fascinating freckles

Meghan Markle, guest editor of British Vogue’s September 2019’s issue has a special message. “I want to see freckles!” Therefore, thou shall obey the Dutchess’ demands. So be sure to lay off heavy foundations and flaunt those fascinating freckles of yours.

2. Vogue vitiligo

This long-term skin condition is caused by the lack of melanin, a pigment in the skin. Typically, the areas most affected by vitiligo include the face and hands. Like any other skin condition, people suffering with this should not have to adhere to usual beauty standards, set by the media. Therefore, the skin positivity movement plays a major role to ensure vitiligo victims are also celebrated, like anyone else.

3. Brilliant black

Black is bold and beautiful. To all brands out there who are neglecting black-skinned models in favor of white talents, it’s time to think again. 2019’s all about stopping this prejudice against marginalized community. Hence, be it brown or black skin models, the time is now to step into the world’s skin positivity wave and embrace your beauty and diversity.

4. Wonderful wrinkles

Most cosmetic companies are seemingly on a mission to delay the arrival of the dreaded wrinkles. While there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look young, care must be taken to not discriminate against the elderly and promote ageism. Therefore, the beauty industry can be a part of the skin positivity by making products that are suitable for various skin types. 

5. Modern men

This one’s sure to set a debate going. Should men use cosmetics and undergo beauty regimes? Its 2019, ladies and gentlemen, so ‘you do you’ for your skin. As for dude’s out there, there’s nothing wrong with applying sunscreen and preventing skin cancer. Similarly, it’s perfectly fine to throw on a face mask every week. It does not take away your masculinity.

The media plays a massive role in creating and destroying stereotypes. Hence, brands must rethink their content strategies and ensure they’re creating campaigns that promote inclusivity, equality and diversity.

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