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Create Your Own 2021 Vision Board With Stock Photos

We’re into the second month of 2021 and we’re all crossing our fingers for the new year to look brighter than last year. Being hopeful is such a valuable trait especially now, even more than ever when everything is so uncertain. We are riding turbulent waves into the future.

So, to all the avid planners out there, is having a planner a thing of the past? Perhaps you will not fully utilize it as much as you would like to? No matter the outcome, having one does help in having a daily structure. A sense of normalcy which we all yearn for. Having a daily routine is somewhat comforting and it is something within your control.

By focusing on what you can control within your circle of influence, try building healthy habits throughout the year. Don’t pressure yourself with any long-term goals during the current pandemic situation. For now, let’s start with a daily or monthly goal. Or even better, lay out your goals visually for a clearer picture. You can start by creating a super simple vision board for your goals. Make your vision board as visually appealing as possible and customize it to your heart’s content.

The best way to create your 2021 vision board is to start by sourcing for some incredible stock photography available from 123RF. Select the best images which resonate with you and to spark motivation to complete your goals.

Here are some areas in life which you can build healthy habits.

Mental Health

  1. Be grateful with what you have. Give thanks or write 1 good thing that you like at the end of the day. It can be anything at all; the sunrise, the sunset, your favorite meal or even just being alive.

  2. Practice self-love and be kind to yourself.

  1. Baby steps, take it one day at a time. Don’t plan too much in advance. There is no need to place too much stress on yourself.

  2. Quit doom scrolling. Relax and remove unnecessary thoughts instead. Cut back on negativity and consume more positive content.

  3. Create a cozy and safe space at home where you can rejuvenate. It can be a small corner where you’re surrounded by your favorite plants or calming decors while doing activities you enjoy the most.


  1. Look after your physical health. Try indoor exercises with your favorite tunes playing in the background. It won’t feel like work when you’re having fun.

  1. Stay hydrated to ward off sluggishness by drinking more water or have a calming cup of tea.

  2. Set aside some time in the day to meditate and clear your mind.

  3. Have virtual catch-ups with your family or close friends if you’re feeling isolated.

Learning and Creating

  1. Revisit old hobbies. Start a arts and crafts project or even do a puzzle to pass the time.

  1. Sign up for online courses. Learn a new language or feed your creativity by learning some new design skills. 

  2. Try out a new recipe which you’ve always wanted to. With tons of tutorials out there, you’re bound to find one that suits you best.

Career and Finances

  1. Try to look for a sustainable source of income online, preferably doing what you like.

  2. Have a cut-off time for work to avoid burning out.

  3. Take this time to sort out your wardrobe and sell off unwanted items online. There are various platforms which you can utilize to get the word out there. Declutter and at the same time make some extra money on the side.

With powerful images that speak to your soul, you’ll feel more empowered in crafting beneficial habits which have the potential to remain as lifelong healthy habits.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you face challenges in keeping all of your habits in check. As long as there is progress, be it small or big, you’re still on the right track. Remember to celebrate every little win.

This year, try to focus on things which you can control. These habits are great to start off with. Have some fun coming up with your very own vision board with 123RF’s stock photos! You’re on your way to making this year a great year for you.


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