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Create An Enchanting Ice Fairy – Part 1

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create an ice fairy in an oceanic environment. Due to the length and complexity of this tutorial, it was divided into 3 parts. This is the first part of a three part tutorial on how to create an enchanting Ice Fairy. The index to all three parts are listed below for your bookmarking convenience.

Here’s the rest of the tutorial. Enjoy!

Final Image:

Step 1  First and foremost, open the main image. Press W to use the Magic Wand tool and hold Shift to select the white background. Once done, press Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection. Next, click on the masking icon as shown below in the Layers’ panel. You should be able to see the model on a transparent background by now.

Image ID: 5371315 ©  Sergey Anatolievich Pristyazhnyuk

Step 2 Select the “mask” layer and press New Layer icon to create a New Empty layer.

Step 3 Click the arrow icon on the layers’ panel and select Merge Layers or press Ctrl + E to combine “mask” and “layers 1” together.

Step 4 There are a few unnecessary elements on the model’s body that can be removed by using Clone Stamp Tool (press S) or Patch Tool (press J).

Step 5 “Layer 1” will be an important layer in which we will be using regularly throughout the tutorial.

Select “Layer 1” and press Ctrl + J to duplicate another copy of “Layer 1”.

Step 6 Next, go to Filter > Noise > Median.

Step 7 Set Median radius amount to 5 pixels.

Step 8 Click on the masking icon to add a new layer mask. Press B to use Brush tool for masking. You can always press “\” to check your masking areas. The red highlight are areas which will be enhanced on the model.

Step 9 Go to Filter > Artistic > Cutout. The setting is Number of Levels:8, Edge Simplicity:0, Edge Fidelity:3.

Step 10 Go to Filter > Noise > Median again and set the Radius to 23 pixels.

Step 11 Set this “Layer 1 copy” opacity to 60%.

Step 12 Press and hold Shift to select “Layer 1” and “Layer 1 copy” in Layers panel.

Step 13 Press Ctrl + E to merge this two layers. Note: We might need to use “Layer 1” again in later steps, so duplicate it before merging or save it to another new file for back up purposes.

Step 14 Press Ctrl + J to duplicate another layer.

Step 15 Go to Filter > Liquify to adjust the edges of the toning so it is smoother.

Step 16 The red circles are areas which I have made changes using Liquify.

Step 17 Press Ctrl + B to use color balance to change the object color and follow these settings – Shadows:-52,+13,+40; Midtones:-42,+9,+73; Highlights:-38,+7,+58.

Step 18 Press Ctrl + J to duplicate another layer.

Step 19 Double click the foreground icon and set the color to R:146, G:203, B:252.

Step 20 After that, double click the background icon and set the color to R:55, G:107, B:212.

Step 21 Go to Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow.

Step 22 Set the Glow Size to 3 and Glow Brightness to 25. Click on the Glow Color to change the color to R:55, G:55, B:129.

Step 23 In this layer, change to Overlay mode and Opacity to 70%.

Step 24 Bring “Layer 1” out and put it under “Layer 1 copy 2”.

Step 25 Select “Layer 1 copy 2” and change its Opacity to 70%.

Step 26 Select “Layer 1 copy 3”.

Step 27 Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap.

Step 28 My setting for this Plastic Wrap effect is Highlight Strength:8, Detail:10, Smoothness:14.

Step 29 Press Ctrl + J to duplicate “Layer 1 copy 4” and set this layer’s mode to Pin light and Opacity 70%.

Step 30 Press and hold Shift to select “Layer 1”, “Layer 1 copy 2”, “Layer 1 copy 3” and “Layer 1 copy 4”. Press Ctrl + E to merge these layers.

Step 31 Press Ctrl + J to duplicate another layer.

Step 32 Go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome.

Step 33 In the Chrome palette, set your Details to 3 and Smoothness to 8.

Step 34 Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance or press Ctrl + B.

Step 35 Follow these settings in Color Balance palette – Shadows:-36,+7,+31; Midtones:-41,0,+57; Highlights:-23,0,+48.

Step 36 Go to Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap.

Step 37 Key in these settings for Plastic Wrap effect. Highlight Strength:5, Detail:8, Smoothness:4.

Step 38 Set this “Layer 1 copy 5” to Overlay mode and 25% of Opacity.

Step 39 Click on Masking icon to create layer mask and press B to mask the darkest area. I prefer to enhance the darkened area because it can create a depth of field on the object and maintain the quality of the focus point at the same time.

Step 40 Select these two layers by pressing and holding on to the “Shift” key.

Step 41 Press Ctrl + E to merge layers.

Step 42 Press W to select Magic Wand tool and set the Tolerance amount to 12. Press and hold Shift to click on the highlighted areas.

Step 43 Click on the icon to create a new empty layer.

Step 44 Click on the Forground Color to change the color to R:193 G:238 B:248.

Step 45 Press Alt + Delete to fill color and set the Opacity to 50%.

Step 46 Press and hold Shift to select “Layer 1” and “Layer 1 copy 5”.

Step 47 Again, you can press Ctrl + E to merge the layers.

Check out the second part to our Creating an Enchanting Ice Fairy (Part 2) series for more!

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