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Celebrate World Photography Day With Stock Photos

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the craft, art, science and history of photography. The celebration calls for photographers all over the world to share their best work and embrace the occasion. 

It’s believed that the World Photography Day originates from the creation of the daguerreotype. Built in the late 1830s, this device was the first commercially successful photographic process, in the history of photography. 

Unlike a normal printed photo, the daguerreotype is much heavier, thanks to its copper surface. To develop an image, start off by polishing a sheet of silver-plated copper. Next, treat it with fumes that made its surface light sensitive and expose it in a camera for as long as was judged to be necessary. This usually last for a couple of seconds for brightly lit objects. Meanwhile, objects with lower lighting required a longer exposure to the copper surface. 

The resulting latent image is then developed by fuming it with mercury vapor. Once completed, rinse and dry the image, followed by, sealing it in a glass enclosure. The resulting image is seen on the mirror-like surface. Additionally, care must be taken, as the image surface is extremely delicate, and even the lightest wiping can permanently scuff it. 

Today however, modern technologies have made it incredibly convenient to capture high definition images with a simple click of a mobile phone. Therefore, it’s time for photographers all over the globe to embrace this occasion and share your view of the world, through your lens. 

Happy World Photography Day!  

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