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Celebrate World Cat Day With Our Stock Photo Collection

Also known as International Cat Day, this celebration is definitely cherished by feline fans worldwide. Originally created to raise awareness about the population of homeless cats, this special day is not one to be missed. As cats have taken over the Internet, there’s a multitude of pictures, video and GIF centered around the furry feline friends we know and love. But what if you’re in the market for professionally snapped photos of cats? Look no further than 123RF’s cat stock photo collection right here.

Celebrate World Cat Day With Our Stock Photo Collection

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Cats are frequently seen as lazy or not as useful as dogs, especially when dogs have more jobs in the police force or as guides for the blind. Dogs are even perfect companions for patients in need of therapeutic help. But just like our loyal canine friends, homeless cats are often put in harm’s way as they struggle to live life out on the streets.

Here’s how you can help. Celebrate World Cat Day by adopting a furry feline friend from one of your local shelters. If you’re unable to adopt a cat, volunteering at your local shelter will also work. Happy International Cat Day!

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