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August Freebies: Download August’s Collection of Free Stock Content!

For a long time, both astronomy and astrology have been part of the same science. Looking at the stars has always had some sort of spiritual significance, from back in the old days till the current twenty-first century. The study of astronomy and astrology are linked and have been evolved throughout many millennia.

Made popular from horoscope readings that tell you whether you should make or break your day, to the gods in astrology. Borrowing from astrological origins, the Greeks have often turned to these mythological gods and planets to guide them in their lives. The belief in horoscopes stemming from ancient Greek myths is strongly influenced by planetary alignments. From full moons, astrological predictions, to events centered around solstices, humans have always relied on the gifts of the galaxy since long ago. When the stars and planets align in certain ways, shifts in energy occurs in all of us, whether it’s our creativity or moods!

On the scientific spectrum, planets and stars aligning would allow for eclipses and discoveries of new planets in our vast galaxy. For example, when each of these celestial bodies align, a global event called a harmonic convergence occurs. While this normally wouldn’t have any impact on our lives on Earth, these things do have a visible effect. Think of these natural occurrences as a gift from the gods to our good ol’ planet Earth.

Ride the path of the stars and planets with our royalty-free stock photo, vector, footage and audio. Get creative with 123RF’s latest August freebies collection of astronomy-themed stock content. And best of all – it’s absolutely free!

Click on the images below to download your royalty-free content of choice – or better yet, download them all.

August freebies expire on 28th August, 2018

August Freebies: Download August's Collection of Free Stock Content!

Keep an eye on this page for more freebies every month. Ready to put your creativity into play? Check out our collection of tutorials or artists we love, and get inspired.


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