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A Tribute To Mother Nature

Women are naturally associated with nature on physical and spiritual grounds. Earth is often perceived as female, given the fact that all life springs from it.

Earth is metaphorically equated with motherhood; hence terms such as Mother Nature andMother Earth. In a physical context, we draw our oxygen, food, water and raw materials from the earth to survive; akin to growing inside our mother’s womb, and being nurtured.

As women and nature are connected by their capacity to give life, this month’s awe-inspiring photo montage illustrates just that.

Images used were:-

What’s the ecological significance here? We need to recognise ourselves as being embodied by our natural environment, and that life on earth can only be preserved if we are able to perceive all life forms as sacred.

Let this month’s Creative Insights inspire you to design your own photo montage and celebrate the wonders of ecofeminism and motherhood.

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