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7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas

What’s your Christmas wish?

We’ve got our list prepared, including a gift guide for him and her. But what about your home? It’ll be a crime to ignore this with lame excuses like work, or sheer laziness. Therefore, we’ve put together fun Christmas home decor ideas to ensure your place is ready for a surprise MTV cribs episode and Santa’s visit.

1. Christmas tree

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Christmas tree in the living room.

This is an absolute must. Therefore, finding the right tree would be necessary. It usually boils down to a choice between pines and firs. Additionally, the freshness of the tree also plays an important role, so be sure to consider this aspect. For best results, bend a needle in half. Fresh pines should not break, while firs must snap. Also, consider leaving the tree in a cool place rather than directly next to the fireplace. The heat is known to dry out the tree.

2. Fireplace

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Christmas decor of the fireplace

The fireplace is arguably the centerpiece of your home. And come Christmas, it’ll demand plenty of attention from you and your guests. If your fireplace has a feature wall behind it, it’ll be best to run decorate the fireplace with the same color as the wall. As for the classic approach, opt to hang a couple of reindeer stockings and chili lights around the fireplace.  

3. Fairy lights jar

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Fairy lights in a jar for Christmas decor

This is great for an innovate Christmas home decor idea. Simply place some fairy lights in a jar. Next, look for any empty corners in the living room and kitchen. These lights add a touch of warmth and coziness to the overall ambiance of your home. Additionally, they also pop out when the main lights are dimmed, making them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms too.

4. Dinner plate

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Christmas dinner plate decor

With your living room all decked out, there’s is no reason for the kitchen to miss out. So start with the dinning table itself. For the simplest makeover, use a red napkin to add a touch of festive color to the plate. If you’re really up for it, place a little brownie into a box and wrap it up in a silver paper. The contrast of colors goes brilliantly with the striking napkin, which is bound to impress your in laws.

5. Mugs

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Red Christmas mitten for mugs

With plates well decorated, it’s now time to shift your attention to mugs. A simple hack would be to wrap your mugs with red mittens In addition to adding a touch of beauty to your mugs, these mittens are great for those stay home nights, with a hot chocolate and Michael Buble for company.

6. Follow a theme

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - White Christmas decoration theme

Image via Alexander Tolsykh@123RF.

One of the best ways to elevate your Christmas home decor is to follow a theme. There are plenty of options, from bright, bold colors to pastel preferences. Once you have decided on the color, it’s time to start assembling the Christmas home decor. For an easy trick, wrap the gifts in the same color as your feature wall and sofa.

7. Wreath

7 Fun Christmas Home Decor Ideas 123RF Blog - Christmas pink wreath decoration

A Christmas home decor without a wreath feels a little empty. Continuing with your chosen theme, get the wreath in the similar shade to the chosen color. These beautiful addition is great to add a touch of the fun holiday spirit to boring walls and your front door.

So there you have it, our guide to a Christmas home decor makeover. Alternatively, check out this cute Christmas reindeer tutorial for more design inspiration in this holiday season.  

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