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7 Fun and Creepy Halloween Dessert Ideas

Spider cookies anyone? Or how about Grim reaper Halloween desserts?

Halloween is a fun time. Kids are out looking for trick or treats, neighboring homes receive makeovers and parties are everywhere. So what about your food? They deserve to enjoy the festivities too! Therefore, find out how you can take the fear factor up a notch with seven fun and creepy Halloween dessert ideas.

1. Casper cookies

These Casper-themed cookies are straight out of a Hollywood film set. Above all, they’re easy to make. The cookies are made in the same way as normal ones are, except these are cut in the shape of your friendly neighborhood ghost. Next, get some frosting, fill out the cut out shapes and you’ll have fun a Halloween dessert in no time!

2. Grim reaper cupcakes

These grim reaper cupcakes are a sure winner for your Halloween desserts. Just bake the cupcakes like how you always would. Next, simply add the decoration. Mini pumpkin candies are great for this sweet treat. Finally, to construct the cemetery, stuff a chocolate bar towards the back of the cupcake.

3. Spider cookies

Incy wincy spider anyone? This cookie is anything but your average sweet tooth treat. Once again, the base of the cookie is like your everyday biscuit. To make the spider, grab one of the chocolate balls for the body of the spider. Next, use chocolate sprinkles for the legs. Last but not the least, whipped cream makes for a great pair of eyes.

4. Apple monsters

These apple mouths are extremely creative and they’re super easy to make. Start off by slicing some apples. Next, generously spread peanut butter all over the apples. This makes it easier to stick the marshmallows onto the base, for the ultimate sweet sandwich. For an added touch of creativity, pierce some toothpicks into the apples and stick a pair of marshmallow eyes on top.

5. Halloween pumpkin pie

Pumpkin, sugar, milk, eggs, cinnamon and strawberry jam. That’s what you need for an amazing dessert. However, how do you turn in into a Halloween dessert? Just carve the pastry with a Joker-like smile, and you have a winner of a dish for the kids and the in-laws. Next, ask them if they’d wanna hear a joke. Knock, knock.

6. Monster brownies

First things first. Brownies are great. But chocolate monster shaped brownies are amazing! These tasty treats are perfect for the kids and grown ups. Anyone who says no to a double layer of chocolate simply does not deserve to exist.

7. Gingerbread Halloween desserts

Gingerbread is a great way to share a fun family meal. These Halloween desserts are easy to make as the oven does most of the work. For a spooky effect, paint a human skeleton on the gingerbread with some frosting.

That’s our guide to dressing up your Halloween desserts, ensuring a fun holiday for the kids and the rest of the family. If you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration, check out our home decor inspiration guide. Meanwhile, for those looking to explore their favorite horror blockbusters, read up on our essential settings for Hollywood horror movies.

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