3.8 Deleting Uploaded Content

1.0 Introduction


At times you might want to delete content that have been previously uploaded. This is your ultimately your choice as you own the copyright to your content. Some of the top reasons for content removal are as follows:

  1. Cleaning up content that has been rejected.

  2. There was an error during uploading or processing and the thumbnail of the uploaded content is not showing.

  3. Removing duplicated uploads of files that have been accepted.

  4. Accidentally uploading a file that should not be uploaded.

  5. If you sold an image exclusively to a client – you may have to remove it from sale.

2.0 Procedure for Removing Uploaded Content

  1. Access the Uploaded History section.

  2. Click into the month at which you uploaded your Content.

  3. Check the box ‘Delete this photo/video/audio‘ of any content which you wish to delete.

  1. After selecting the checkbox, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save‘ or ”Save Changes‘ on the right hand corner.

  2. A warning alert will be shown to you whenever you wish to remove Content.

  1. The selected image will then be removed.

3.0 Things You Need to Know

Please bear in mind of the following:

  1. 123RF will remove the image from sale within 48 working hours. If this does not happen, please email submission@123rf.com.

  2. 123RF may still be able to license the content up to 30 days after removal to our customer as they have used it to pitch for a job and the acceptance of the job occured after you removed the content.

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