3.12 Creating an FTP Account for Bulk Uploads

1.0 Introduction


If you have a lot of content to send to us, the best way to do so is through FTP. At 123RF.com, we have 3 FTP servers which handle different types of Content. Here’s a table that summarizes the various details that you would need to connect to your FTP account:Content Type:Photos, Illustrations, LogosVideo FootageStock AudioFTP Address:ftp.123rf.comvideo.ftp.123rf.comaudio.ftp.123rf.comUsername:Your 123RF UsernamePassword:Your 123RF PasswordQuota:4 GB10 GB4 GBQuick Link:ApplyApplyApply

Please click on the Apply links above, then click on the “Get FTP Access here!” button to create the FTP account for you. This is a one time only process and once your FTP account has been create, you need not repeat this step again.

2.0 Note on FTP Quotas

We enforce FTP quotas on our FTP server to avoid the server being monopolized by any one Contributor. Please pay attention to your FTP quota as once you exceed your FTP quota, our FTP server will not allow you to store any more files until you process the files that are already uploaded on your FTP folder.

3.0 Uploading Tips

  1. It is wise to upload your Content in batches if the total size of your Content exceeds the FTP quota allocated to you.

  2. Once you have uploaded a batch, please remember to process the files!

  3. If you process your files WITHOUT EXCEEDING your FTP quota, you will find that you can upload even more files once the processing is finished.

  4. However, if you have EXCEEDED your FTP quota, you must wait 24 hours for the quota to reset once more.

4.0 Examples for Splitting Large Uploads

For example, if you have 7.5 GB of files to transfer to us and your FTP quota is only 4 GB, please split your batch into 2, here’s an example you can follow:

  1. Split your batch into 2:

  2. Batch A – total 3.8 GB

  3. Batch B – total 3.7 GB

  4. What you do is upload Batch A first.

  5. Then, process Batch A.

  6. Once Batch A has finished processing.

  7. Upload Batch B, and

  8. Process Batch B.

If you upload and process your files as the example above, your FTP quota will not be exceeded and you can get more content to us in the shortest time possible!

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