3.11 Viewing Your Download Statistics

1.0 Introduction


As a contributor, download statistics of your content plays an important part in maintaining a good portfolio. The details not only enable you to be in the know which are your best-sellers but also acts as a reference of what’s in demand.

2.0 Check Download Statistics

2.1 Accessing the Download Details

1. Login to 123RF.com

2. Scroll down on the main page and look under ‘For Photographers’. Click on ‘Sell Images’.

3. You will be directed to the Contributors’ Dashboard.

4. Click on ‘Downloads’ to proceed to the Download Statistics page.


2.2 View your downloads according to Day/Month/Year

1. Select the ‘Day’, ‘Month’ and ‘Year’ at the available dropdown panel and hit ‘View’.

2. You will then be able to view the download details (Image thumbnail, type of download, quantity of download and the amount that you made for a download).


3. By clicking on the image thumbnail opens up the image page on the website for your reference.

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