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18 Colorful Autumn Pictures You'll Fall In Love With

Wooden pier on autumn lake Sils  in Swiss Alps

The leaves begin to change color, the weather gets cooler, and the days get shorter. If you’re counting down the days for your town to turn into pretty shades of red, you’re not the only one!

We are just as excited and decided to round up some beautiful treats for the eyes (and the soul!). Here are 18 breathtaking photos of fall so good that it’ll take you back to every whiff of your favorite fall-scented candle and your first sip of pumpkin-spiced latte.

The hills have come alive

View at fall season time forest in South Poland

Fall’s vibrant color palette gives the forest a whole new level of brilliance.

A puppy’s playground

autumn mood. Jack Russell Terrier dog with leaves

An adorable Jack Russell Terrier pup chasing falling autumn leaves captures a sense of playful innocence so well, doesn’t it?

Deep thoughts

Young woman resting by the lake on an autumn day

The autumn season is a natural time of transition, which makes it the ideal time to reflect deeply and reset your mind for the remainder of the year.

A mountain view

Snow-covered mountains and yellow autumn trees

Large fir trees having an outfit change, complete with massive snowy mountains as their backdrop.

Falling into fall

autumnal background, red maple leaves

The vibrance of these Japanese maple trees just cannot be described. One just has to marvel.

Red carpet perfection

autumn park with color trees background

As the leaves begin to fall, the forest turns into the most tranquil place for a nice morning walk. Absolutely mesmerizing.

A bountiful harvest

Photo of beautiful pumpkins at outdoor in sunny autumn day

The holy grail ingredient of the season; pumpkins on pumpkins.

Falling into waterfalls

American Falls in Autumn Colors view

It’s not every day that you get to see the dreamy, flowy scene of Niagara Falls made even more magnificent with the beautiful autumn colors lined up behind.

Urban serenity

Manhattan Central Park in Autumn

Doesn’t this feel like the perfect time to stroll Central Park? There’s just something so humbling about the shiniest city in the world being enveloped in fall leaves, its parks turning into a little pocket of gold.

A window to beauty

House with red dry leaves wall coating

The red and orange hues of the leaves have painted this house such a stunner.

Autumnal train rides

Tram rails in autumn season

Oh, to be a passenger of the train; both sides of the windows bursting with hues of amber and brown.

A journey so far

Winding mountain road trough the forest in the autumn

We've come a long way since the beginning of the year. As Autumn approaches, it only means that the beginning of a new year is creeping in.

Sprouting new life

forest mushroom in moss after bir longtime rain

In the fall, more species of mushrooms begin to come out after doing their job of breaking down plants and animal debris.

Road to paradise

Autumn snow in Sky route of China

From the orange trees lined along the road to the misty cold skies, this perfect snowy image perfectly captures an Autumn road trip to a nice, toasty cabin.

A basking sun

Red deer in Richmond Park, London

A beautiful red deer stands tall in a park under the magic hour of an Autumn sun.

Season of romance

Couple walking in a park in autumn

Some might argue that winter is the best season for romance, but Autumn has all the key ingredients for a budding love – coziness, intimacy, and the symbolism for fresh starts.

A painted beauty

Natural outdoor seasonal autumn background.

This photograph of Tuscany, Italy in the Autumn sunrise looks like a painting.

Breezy getaway

Barnacle geese in sunset, migrating to south in autumn

A flock of barnacle geese migrating to the south as the Autumn sun begins to set.

Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where Autumn exists?

That’s 18 out of millions of other stunning Autumn photos we have in our huge collection at 123RF. Which one was your favorite?


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