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15 Beautifully Presented Food That Makes Your Stomach Growl

~ First we eat, then we do everything else ~ M.F.K Fisher

Well said! Food is in every essence of one’s livelihood. It’s the string that brings people together and the salvation in any occasion – happy and sad. As simple as a mug of hot chocolate or a basket of fresh seasonal berries, a good photograph says it all.

And 123RF Contributor Sergey Fatin surely knows his food. We couldn’t stop salivating over his yummy looking spread shot from the top. Though the presentation is simple, Sergey’s photography speaks for itself and depicts food in its most natural form. No frills, just the art of seasonal ingredients and comfort favorites captured on film. Check out these pretty morsels of delight:

Stock Photo - A large pizza with mushrooms champignons, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese knife on wooden cutting board stands on a gray background in rustic style, top view

Stock Photo - Ingredients for the preparation of fresh vegetarian vegetable salad, vegetables radishes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, green salad dill, parsley, allspice, salt, olive oil and thyme, black wooden background, top view

Stock Photo - Sweet dessert sandwiches crostini with lemon jam, plums jam, nuts pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, strawberries, rye bread with prunes and dried apricots for sandwiches, butter, cutting board on black wooden background

Stock Photo - Fresh homemade burger on black slate and raw cutlet and sliced onion, served with sea salt and pepper over dark background. Selective focus. Top view

All these visuals are starting to make us hungry! Gonna grab some grub and turn on the TV. Till then, feel free to download or archive any of these photos for reference. Ciaoz!

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