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123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile

In this week’s 123RF World Travel Guide series, start off by exploring the gorgeous islands in Cabo Verde’s archipelago. Next, dive into the home of Tarzan in Cameroon’s majestic Ekom waterfall. Following that, travel in the footsteps of your ancestors and paddle towards the edge of the world in Canada’s serene Haida Gwaii. Finally, head out to Chile’s mysterious Easter Islands and uncover the secrets of the Polynesian moai carvings.

29. Cabo Verde

23RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Santa Maria beach in Cabo Verde

Get your tan on and enjoy picturesque views in the Santa Maria beach.

The 123RF World Travel Guide ranks this stunning chain of islands as one of the best places in the world for an island getaway. This archipelago which was used as a port for slaving trade is now famed for its picture perfect beaches, blissful villages, stunning mountains and vibrant culture. Santiago is the biggest of Cabo Verde’s collection of islands. But the tourist hot spot remains in Sal. The gorgeous Santa Maria beach is main attraction for the crowd, with adrenaline packed water sports activities, romantic beachfront restaurants.

Meanwhile, Santo Antao is surely worth visiting for hiking enthusiasts. Majestic canyons, gorges and valleys promising to offer one of the best hiking experiences in your life. However, the cultural heartbeat of Cabo Verde lies in Sao Vincente. Here, be sure to put on your dancing shoes and move to the rhythm of the local music, with the help of some sugarcane-inspired grogue.

30. Cambodia

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia

Step back in time and witness nature reclaiming its land at the enduring Ta Prohm temple.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the splendor of Angkor Wat is perhaps only matched by Machu Picchu. The legend of the Khmer Empire has certainly had its charm rub off on Cambodia’s booming tourism. However, the 123RF World Travel Guide believes Southeast Asia’s prized possession has much more than its famed temples. The capital of Phnom Penh has led a renaissance thanks to its world class culinary scene. However, Siem Reap is not to be left behind. Trendy bars and cafes in the lively Pub Street keep its patrons entertained for hours, including Angelina Jolie who in return, has a cocktail named after her during the Tomb Raider days.

Refusing to be left behind by Thailand, the Silkhaonville region is home to your wildest Shangri-La dreams. Untouched beaches and amazing dive sites are the name of the game in this part. If that does not float your boat, then head over to the massive Tonle Sap lake. The chance to explore the floating villages on a long boat and gain insight into the daily lives of the warm Khmer people promising a truly authentic getaway.

31. Cameroon

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Main cascade of the Ekom waterfall in Cameroon

Be in awe of majestic views in the iconic home of Tarzan – the Ekom waterfall.

Often labeled as ‘mini Africa’, this nation has everything from epic wildlife to majestic landscapes and a thriving arts scene to serene beaches. Similarly, the Ring Road situated in the northwest highlands shows off some of the best views of this thriving nation. The breathtaking waterfalls, mountains and valleys on display are second to none. Additionally, the Korup National Park is recognized as the continent’s oldest rainforest. The large selection of primates and the insightful Pelican Islands fishing villages make this a must visit for your mini Africa travels.

Alternatively, a visit to Musee de Doula is worth considering for art enthusiasts. The museum accommodates fascinating relics which enable visitors to get a glimpse of Cameroon’s precolonial period. Finally, the 123RF World Travel Guide recommends an escapade to the Mile Six Beach. Minimal crowds make this a great spot to explore the perfect surfing waves.

32. Canada

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Mount Assiniboine in Alberta, Canada

The gorgeous reflection of  imposing Mount Assiniboine, “The Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies”.

Here’s a challenge. Drop us a message on our social media channels if you’ve found a country that beats Canada for sheer beauty. Because for the 123RF World Travel Guide and outdoor enthusiasts, Canada is the world’s most beautiful destination, and the Haida Gwaii archipelago truly embodies this. Here, embark on the same road as your ancestors and paddle off into the Pacific, sandwiched between imposing mountain peaks and impenetrable rainforests for company. In short, there is no escaping from Canada’s stunning beauty. You’ll see it in its mountains, smell it in its pine-infused air and hear it in its cascading waterfalls. 

For foodies, Canada’s culinary scene is on par with the likes of Paris, Lyon and Milan. Canada’s selling point boils down to the diversity of its impeccable cuisine. Start your day with a tasty taco by your neighborhood food truck. Next, swing by a cozy Asian restaurant for flavorful beef noodles. Finally, end your day on a high note by splurging on duck parfait and a bottle of Merlot. However, the best part of this culinary odyssey, is that everything is within a gulp, slurp and burp away. In addition, for millennials, it is almost impossible to get away from Canada’s intoxicating city life. During the day, check out Montreal’s Old Town for a glimpse into the charming medieval Europe, only to end your day in an electric underground club.

33. Central African Republic (CAR)

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Elephants at the Dzangha-Sangha Reserve.

The lesser known Dzangha-Sangha Reserve boasts an epic wildlife collection in lush surroundings.

The CAR boasts spectacular unspoiled natural beauty and wildlife. Unfortunately, the nation has become a forgotten haven over the past few years. The capital city of Bangui, oozes with a colonial charm, if you look in the right places. Notably, the Cathedrale Notre-Dame is the most iconic monument in the city. However, CAR’s jewel lies deep in the depths of its rainforest. For a dose of the unparalleled flora and fauna of this nation, head out to the Dzangha-Sangha Reserve. One of the continent’s best kept secrets, the dense rainforest is home to bongo antelopes, hippos, chimpanzees and leopards.  

The 123RF World Travel Guide identifies the Bai’s of the park as the best place to get in touch with majestic mammals. Roughly translated to ‘the village of the elephants’, the Dzangha is one of the few places in the world where you can find yourself in the midst of the grunts of hundreds forest elephants and embark on a successful gorilla hunting experience. Therefore, making this an exceptional place to get up close and personal with Africa’s famed wildlife.

34. Chad

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - Sahara Mountains sunset

Beautiful views of the mountains of Sahara.

For the 123RF World Travel Guide,  the globe is home to various travel destinations. There are places where travel is laid back and easy, however there are also places which are not for the faint hearted. There is no doubt that Chad is the latter. Often pegged back due to security concerns, the country is home to an array of extraordinary attractions. The Tibesti Mountains are certainly well worth a visit. This is where the Sahara reaches for the heavens, it’s their final frontier. The dramatic landscapes of canyons and sheer rock faces makes it feel like you’re in a set of Mad Max.

Alternatively, check out N’Djamena for a dose of the daily life in Chad. The markets are one of the highlights of the city. Selling anything from carpets to crafts, it offers a treat for every traveler. Additionally, for a dose of the high life in Chad, a trip to Avenue Charles de Gaulle is a must. Dotted with restaurants, embassies and Victorian homes, this is one of the safest parts of the nation.  

35. Chile

123RF World Travel Guide: Cabo Verde to Chile 123RF Blog - stone carvings in Easter Island

Represented by the ancestors of the people, the carvings are always facing inland as a sign of looking after the Polynesian community.

This land of extremes accommodates landscapes from your wildest dreams. Jagged mountains touch fairy-tale forests, soaring glaciers meet fierce volcanoes and stunning coastline drives lead to arid deserts. Often overlooked for the glamorous neighbor, Argentina, it is now time to give Chile its due respect. Santiago perfectly embodies the nation’s evolution. The capital city is now all arts, cafes and trendy hotels. Additionally, Santiago’s excellent location allows for access to the picturesque vineyards and to the beaches of Vina del Mar.

Meanwhile, the 123RF World Travel Guide ranks the splendid Parque Nacional Torres del Paine as the continent’s best national park. The magical experience is evident from its teal lakes to emerald forests and sky blue glaciers to dusty brown and white snow capped mountains. For those looking to take a step back into Chile’s historic past, a trip to Easter Island is worth considering. The head and torso stone carvings offer an intriguing insight into the lives of the fascinating Polynesian people.

Next up on our 123RF World Travel Guide, join us as we discover magnificent Buddhist cave arts in China, and wake up to views of the stunning Croatian coastline. Alternatively, catch up on our previous series which uncovered medieval castle ruins in Bosnia to a legendary croc expedition in Burundi. Finally, visit our Pinterest page for creative inspiration and be sure to check out more amazing stock images to satisfy your wanderlust cravings  and breathe life to your travel stories for your blog, magazine or website!

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